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Portable wireless devices create instant networks

Motion Computing, a leading global provider of rugged mobile technology built for business, has announced LINCWorks™ – a family of portable, rugged, easily deployed wireless connectivity devices. The new devices make it easy to instantly create a cohesive WAN/LAN, cell and/or mesh communications infrastructure – anytime, anywhere. Housed in a tough, NEMA-rated weatherproof case, the units are ideally suited for deployment in harsh, non-traditional environments like emergency command centers, construction sites, and anywhere dependable connectivity is needed.

The LINCWorks RDA (Rugged Deploy Anywhere) products are self-contained, portable units built on cutting-edge wireless technology that integrates a proprietary six-antenna array and automated configuration software. These products allow users to quickly establish fast, reliable connectivity for field workers at remote, or temporary worksites.

Motion rounds out the LINCWorks RDA line with easy-to-add accessories. These include a high efficiency solar power supply for sites lacking reliable electricity, fixed or rotating cameras for use in security applications. An expandable mast is also available to increase security camera viewing area. Wireless coverage can also be expanded by mounting antennas on the expandable mast.

“Motion’s focus and leadership in rugged computing has shown us that infrastructure connectivity across harsh, remote and other non-traditional environments that is essential for productivity has been lacking,” said Dave Mackie, Head of Wireless Networking Products, Motion Computing. “This concept takes a ‘network in a box’ approach that lets users instantly establish a WAN/LAN, cell and/or mesh infrastructure for the reliable exchange of mission-critical information anytime, anywhere.”

“The Motion RDA family of wireless products extends our company’s mobile ecosystem from the Tablet PC device to the point of connectivity at the point of service – whether in a major city or in a remote region of Canada,” said Scott Ball, Country Manager for Canada at Motion Computing. “With the growing acceptance of Cloud Computing solutions, the mobile device is only as good as its ability to connect, and Motion now has solutions that enhance the connectivity of any mobile device.”

Ball added, “You can find Motion technologies in a wide variety of non-traditional settings, from running BIM programs in the building design, infrastructure and construction industries to managing assets for a large electricity distributor in utilities or coordinating an emergency response during a public safety initiative.” Motion is also announcing availability of the powerful LINCWorks VAN (Vehicle Area Network) unit specifically designed for use in vehicles. Housed in a smaller, lighter enclosure, the product features functionality similar to RDA line with the added benefit of auto-configuring, drive-up connectivity in an aerodynamic case designed for exterior vehicle mounting.

For more information, visit www.motioncomputing.ca.

Posted March 13
, 2014