Writers’ guidelines

Tips for submitting an article to Canadian Healthcare Technology

Canadian Healthcare Technology welcomes contributed articles from healthcare providers and companies with innovative solutions. In particular, we like to profile how new technologies and methods are making an impact on the delivery of care in hospitals and long-term care centres, and by home-care providers. If you’d like to submit an article, first send a short outline – with three or four points that will be covered in the article – to the editor, Jerry Zeidenberg. He can be reached at:

1. Articles are to be informative and objective, rather than promotional. Contributed articles do receive a byline at the top and a short bio and company credit at the bottom.

2. Try to tell the reader something new. This will give the article (and the person providing the piece) credibility. Articles of this sort tend to get clipped, xeroxed, and passed around at meetings. In short, it’s worth the effort to bring new ideas to the table.

3. Stay focused. What is your main message? Introduce this idea at the beginning or near the top of the article.

4. Use specific examples to illustrate your points. (Refer to specific people, organizations, etc.)

5. Use numbers and statistics where possible to strengthen your case.

6. Use direct language. Keeping it simple is the best way to get your message across. Avoid excessive jargon, and explain what acronyms mean when they are important and must be used.

7. Pictures and/or charts are welcome. Pictures brighten up the page and draw the eyes of the readers. At Canadian Healthcare Technology, we prefer high-resolution colour jpegs – preferably bright and in sharp focus. Heads shots are acceptable; photos of something happening are even better.