Bilingual Montfort Hospital migrates to Meditech 6.0

Jean-Claude LemondeOTTAWA – Summit Healthcare, a leading provider of healthcare system integration and workflow automation technologies, recently announced an expanded partnership with Hôpital Montfort, a member of the Champlain Association of Meditech Partners (CHAMP) organization.

Hôpital Montfort, a care centre focused on providing full service quality care, migrated from their legacy Magic platform to the latest Meditech HIS platform version 6.0 on February 1, 2014. During their implementation phase Hôpital Montfort selected Summit Healthcare to assist with their dictionary management and synchronization efforts as well as utilize the Summit professional services team to support their migration efforts.

It became apparent early on during the planning and implementation stages of the Meditech 6.0 migration project that the laborious process of dictionary synchronization required more efficient management. The IT and department staff were diligently trying to manage multiple facets of this migration project and feeling the stress and potential overtime hours to accomplish all that was needed to meet their live date. To streamline the process, Hôpital Montfort selected the Summit InSync technology toolset to facilitate the dictionary migration process.

“With the implementation of the Summit InSync and SST, we have been able to save weeks of manual labor which was a crucial to the success of our migration project,” said Jean-Claude Lemonde (pictured), Director Information Technology, Hôpital Montfort. “We worked in conjunction with the Summit professional services team, which proved to be instrumental in assisting our team with the query and report build. Summit Healthcare has proved to be a valuable integration and automation partner during this large scale project.”

Summit InSync provides a comprehensive technology platform that allows Meditech organizations the ability to directly extract dictionary data from any Meditech platform in either test or live rings and cross compare using a robust analysis view to readily identify those data elements that are out of synch.

A vital component of Summit InSync is the Summit Scripting Toolkit (SST) which provides a seamless automation technology to ensure dictionaries are updated accurately and efficiently. Through the use of Summit InSync and the Summit Scripting Toolkit, Montfort was able to ensure a clean start when building their new Meditech 6.0 system.

Hôpital Montfort took approximately two weeks to create all extract queries and load into report templates that would provide the foundation for collaboration between the IT team and module departments. These reports are run periodically to review discrepancies as they continue through their build so that on go live they will be accurate. This has also laid the ground work to continue with ongoing synchronization after go live.

The Summit InSync technology is currently synchronizing data across the hospital enterprise with an intense focus on clinical areas such as Pharmacy and Laboratory, in addition to other key highly functional areas such as Admissions, Scheduling and the supporting foundation dictionaries found in the MIS module.

“Expanding our technology portfolio and professional services to clients is always a rewarding experience for us at Summit Healthcare,” said Ted Rossi, CEO, Summit Healthcare. “We pride ourselves on delivering guaranteed results to our customers as we support them in tackling projects like a complex Meditech 6.0 migration. Congratulations to Hôpital Montfort on their successful Meditech 6.0 go live.”

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Hôpital Montfort is a Francophone academic healthcare institution that provides quality care in both official languages and works with its partners to improve the health of communities. Visit us at

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