Fraser Health invests further in ambulatory systems

Philip BarkerSURREY, BC – Fraser Health, Canada Health Infoway and Intrahealth, an EMR vendor, have announced a partnership to implement an Ambulatory Electronic Medical Record (aEMR) system in six more of Fraser Health’s primary and ambulatory care clinics.

This system, called Profile, enables healthcare providers to collect, share, and analyze patient information and presents a broad view of the patient’s journey across different care settings. Canada Health Infoway has invested $1.8 million in the project.

The investment from Infoway enables Fraser Health to establish a sound foundation for the implementation of its aEMR system. The technical and human resource capabilities that have been established will serve Fraser Health patients, clients and healthcare providers over the years to come.

“Provision of effective primary healthcare is particularly critical for our health system as we increasingly place importance on alternatives to acute care and build our community-based systems for health,” said Philip Barker (pictured), Vice President, Informatics and Transformation Support, Fraser Health.

“Providing our primary healthcare staff and nurse practitioners with the most up-to-date electronic health record systems and clinical decision support tools increases our capability to deliver effective population-based health services to our communities.”

This project began in September 2010 and in its first phase, two clinics began using the aEMR system in June of 2011 with the opening of the Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre.

Over the course of 2012, an additional seven primary care clinics adopted Profile as their aEMR system. For the 2014-15 fiscal year, Fraser Health plans on implementing Profile at an additional six clinics.

“We are proud to have invested in Fraser Health’s ambulatory electronic medical record systems, which will help place vital patient information at the fingertips of the clinicians who care for them,” said Michael Green, President and CEO, Canada Health Infoway. “Having information securely accessible to the patient’s circle of care ultimately results in better quality of care.”

Users of the aEMR system include physicians, nurse practitioners, medical office assistants, registered nurses, pharmacists, as well as ancillary healthcare providers such as dietitians, respiratory therapists, and social workers.

The functionality of the software supports the entire operation of the clinics, including office administration, paperless charts, clinical documentation templates, referrals, prescriptions and diagnostic investigations.

“Profile has improved the continuity, consistency, and quality of care I’m able to provide my patients through recall processes for managing chronic disease and health promotion and prevention strategies,” said Ranjit Lehal, Family Nurse Practitioner, New Canadian Clinic, Burnaby.

“It allows me to safely review investigation results for other clinics when providing medical care with ease from my desktop,” added Lehal.

Since the first phase, clinics that use Profile generate no new paper charts, and all new clinical information is stored electronically. The goal is that over time, the clinics will become essentially paperless, making it easier to share information among healthcare providers.

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    November 20, 2014

    Excellent work Philip!
    It is good to see that you are still bringing good things to Fraser Health.



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