Bialogics launches next generation analytics platform

Jeff VachonVICTORIA, BC – Bialogics Analytics has announced the release of its next generation platform that enables healthcare organizations to effectively manage analytics across the enterprise. Bialogics’ new platform is specifically designed to address the rapid growth and convergence of data within digital healthcare. A state-of-the-art data management tool, it quickly and securely gathers data from mission-critical clinical systems isolated within hospitals.

Jeff Vachon (pictured), Chief Executive Officer, said that, “Our Analytics Platform will allow all departments and clinical services in a hospital to have access to the data needed to build real-time, dashboard analytics. It makes it possible to drive a new culture of efficiency and improved outcomes across the enterprise.”

Bialogics Data Mart sits within the network architecture out-of-line and captures all messages from clinical information systems. The HL7, DICOM and XML messages are inspected and parsed for relevant information and them saved in a NoSQL database.

All messages are captured with 99.999% accuracy and summaries stored in JSON format readily available for data discovery and analysis. The Bialogics Analytics Platform offers a vendor neutral approach to big data analysis that includes access to summaries for R, the analytical program used by more than two million professional worldwide.

The Bialogics Analytics Platform is a cost effective alternative to how analytics are performed today and can be used inconjunction with any data warehouse strategy in place. The Analytics Platform has been designed to run multiple source applications from Bialogics’ own Diagnostic Imaging Analytics to third-party vendor apps, as well as hospital-specific applications.

All Bialogics products are vendor agnostic and do not require expensive system integrations, making start up to analysis simple and fast.

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